This beautifully hand crafted mammoth ivory figurine of a man with baskets and boy holding a mask is amazingly done. Notice the happy and smiling face of the Oriental man with a beard. He holds a rattle drum in his left hand and a long bamboo stick in his right hand, which is balanced on his shoulder. Don’t overlook the hand painted designs in brown color, giving the robe its natural look. See the accentuated folds on the sleeve or the drape of the robe where the belt is tied around the waist. The little boy holds on to one end of it. Did you see how the bows are tied around the pant ankles? This was the traditional way of wearing pants and the Master Carver has put the thought into each aspect of the figurines.

Intricate ivory figurine of  man with baskets

Look at the little boy holding a mask and walking besides him. The happiness radiates from the man and boy can be seen on their faces. Notice how the gleeful boy holds the large mask in his hand. Even the delicately crafted mask has a smile and happy expressions. Look at the skill of the Master Carver and how carefully each tiny detail has been enumerated in pure mammoth ivory. The man with baskets on the ground and a bamboo stick over the shoulder seems to be in action of hanging the baskets on the bamboo stick.

See how the rope is tied around the closed baskets while the weft and weave is different of each basket. Carving and etching such intricate patterns which are precise and symmetric is amazing and talks about the caliber and experience of the artist. The complete sculpture is set softly upon an oval wooden base. Fine grain teak wood has been carved and polished to give it an impressive finish.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory :

 Mammoth Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 11 4.33
Width 9 3.54
Length 4 1.57

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 12 4.72
Length 6 2.36

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