Look at this sculpture of rich children for prosperity carved from a piece of mammoth ivory tusk. Notice the perfectly precise figures of children in different poses and actions. All of them are dipping into the large pot of riches and bringing out items that signify good lick and wealth. Notice the pot of riches with intricately carved oriental symbols. See how large the pot is. Notice the child holding the yuanbao (money ingots) while a trail of these can be seen on the sides of the money pot. Look at the boy sitting on the left and grabbing the riches that the boy is passing down. Don’t miss the number of yuanbao that the children are holding sitting on the money pot. The rich children for prosperity is wearing a traditional dress and has been carved doing a different action. The precision and the minute details are amazing and gives a glimpse into the skill of the Master Carver. The complete sculpture is carved on semi-circle of the tusk, giving a beautiful curve to the scene.

Sculpture of rich children for prosperity

Notice the hand painted black hair, the eyes and the happy smiles. Happy to be diving into the large pot of riches, the boys are busy digging through the treasures and handing it down to the boys waiting below. Sharing the wealth adds to the happiness of rich children for prosperity.  All of the robes of the children are hand-painted with unique designs and patterns. Notice the fine details and intricate etchings that give the sculpture a unique look. Smaller pots of riches are on the side and one of the boys on the left is suing it as a stepping stone to reach into the bigger pot of treasures.

The complete sculpture sits on a carved wooden stand that is rectangular in shape and gives ample support.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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