Look at this beautiful figurine of sitting rabbit holding carrot has been sculpted in mammoth ivory by the Master Carver. Look how the Master Carver has carved the mammoth ivory tusk vertically, such that the base is a disk with the exterior that has been left raw and brown. Notice the delicate fur that has been etched onto the body of the rabbit. Notice the carrot and how lovingly the rabbit holds it. See the curve of the folded knee, the small paw and the claws. Both the ears are bent at the back, giving a smooth look to the

Each tiny detail has been exemplified clearly, by the Master Carver.  See the black beady eyes, the long front teeth and the inquisitive nose. The clearly excited gesture is visible. The Rabbit holding carrot is sitting on its haunches and turning it over, the leaves of the carrot can be seen with ease. See the delicate three-dimensional effect of the carving in mammoth ivory. There is a slight natural crack within the mammoth ivory tusk, which has been incorporated within the figurine. See the plants at the back of the sculpture, each leaf has been specially etched, giving it the right look. See the Schreger lines which can be seen on the base where the rabbit is sitting.

The base with the external raw layer has been polished while at the back the brown shell is missing. The brown hues are because of the absorption of soil minerals that happened as the woolly mammoth tusks lay buried in the permafrost in the Arctic region. This figurine of rabbit holding carrot in mammoth ivory is a unique piece of sculpture. It is set upon a wooden stand and adds to the beauty of the figurine.

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Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Rabbit holding carrot Item Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 7 2.75
Width 4 1.57
Length 6 2.36

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 2.5 0.98
Width 7 2.75
Length 7 2.75

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