The mammoth ivory figurine of Three Lucky Gods has been precisely carved by an expert ivory carver. The three figurines are of Fu, Lu and Shou, prominently revered as the Three Lucky Gods in Feng Shui. These short and rotund figurines are exquisitely carved and hand painted to bring out the luster of pure mammoth ivory.

The Lucky God, Fu represents and symbolizes prosperity, happiness and good fortune. The Master Carver has carved the sculpture in intricate details. Notice the pointed mustache, the well-crafted beard and the interloping robe. The motifs are hand painted and very minute in design and handiwork.

The second Lucky God, Lu represents fame, success and status and revered in Feng Shui for that. He holds a specter and don’t miss noticing the other object in his right hand. The intricately hand-painted Oriental motifs in brown can be seen with ease. The detailing on all of the three figurines is amazing and only a Master Carver can do justice to the sculpture and painting on such small sized figures can be a difficult task.

The Third figurine is of Lucky God, Shou. He is seen holding a crooked staff in his right hand and a large sized peach in his left hand. See the round motif on the middle of the robe. Look at the bow that is tied just below the pot belly. The Master Carver has intricately carved the delineated robes with considerable detail. The folds on the sleeves, the curve of the neck and the tiny fingers are in detail. Look at the slippers on the bottom of the sculpture shows that the sculptor went the full length to etch the figurines. Made out of genuine mammoth ivory, the three figurines are set upon custom carved wooden base.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :
Each God is  Height 5 cm,/ 1.96 In, Width: 4 cm / 1.57 In , Length: 3 cm / 1.18 In