The polar bear with fish has been expertly crafted on a piece of mammoth ivory tusk. Notice the clear demarcated lines, the fine polishing and the inherent luster of pure mammoth ivory. See how the polar bear is sitting comfortably, holding a fish in its hands.  Notice the fish with its open mouth, as if gasping for breath. See the greedy look in the eyes of the polar bear as it eyes its dinner. The Master Carver has captured the best moments and ensured that the complete mammoth ivory sculpture is crafted in detail. Painstakingly etched, the fur on the body of the polar bear, the scales on the fish and the claws of the polar bears. The fish

Look at the large canines, the little tongue that can be seen, the well-crafted nose, and the full head. See how the eyes have been carved. Hand painted with black, the beady eyes look crafty.  The curve of the fish as it is clasped in the paws of the polar bear has been rendered carefully in mammoth ivory.

Se the way the polar bear with fish sits and turning it over, it is seen that the complete piece has been handcrafted. Notice the way the fur hair has been sculpted, the flow of the fur as if the polar bear swam against strong currents and the water etched the fur into this pattern. The paw pads can be seen clearly with the scattered fur around it, just like it would be with a real polar bear. The complete sculpture is set upon a wooden base that is sanded and polished to perfection. Custom crafted for this polar bear with fish figurine, it lends an aura of elegance and stability to the mammoth ivory carving.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

 Mammoth Ivory Carvings of polar bear with fish Item Size


Centimeters Inches
Height 6.5 2.55
Width 5 1.96
Length 6.5 2.55

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 2.5 1.96
Width 8.5 3.34
Length 8.5 3.34

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