Sculpture of walking polar bear on ice has been crafted in pure mammoth ivory and looks very detailed. Look at the action packed figure, the upraised front paw, and the open mouth. Look at the large and sharp teeth that are very visible. See the details on the body of the polar bear, the water filled fur or the dripping ice beneath it. See how the Master Carver has managed to carve the icicles, with melting ice that seems to be dripping down. This is a perfect way to utilize the jagged edges of the mammoth ivory tusk by encapsulating and encompassing it in the sculpture.

Polar bear on ice

See how the polar bear on ice is trying to walk forward as seen from its action. Notice the well-proportioned body and how well it has been carved for perfect symmetry. The skill of the Master Carver can be seen with ease, as the curve of the back, the spring in the bear’s step and the tiny details have been encapsulated with penance. At the bottom of the sculpture, the artist has etched his signature in pure mammoth ivory. This authenticates and verifies the sculpture as genuine and hand carved.

There are hues of brown that can be seen at the edges, which is because the mammoth ivory tusk was buried in mineral rich permafrost. Look at the cracks in the mammoth ivory, which are natural due to the slight drying out of the ivory. Notice the irregular shape of the piece of mammoth ivory and the perfect utilization of it so that a beautiful sculpture is created. Set on a wooden stand that accentuates the beauty of the ivory sculpture of the polar bear on ice.

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Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Polar Bear on Ice Item Size


Centimeters Inches
Height 6.5 7.48
Width 4 1.96
Length 9 3.93

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 2.5 5.51
Width 6 1.96
Length 11 3.93

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