This intrinsically sculpted mammoth ivory figurine of the Three Lucky Gods has been carved by the Master Carver. Look at the delicately carved and hand painted figurines of Fu, Lu and Shou. Considered to be manifestations of Prosperity, Status and Longevity, they are considered auspicious symbols as per Chinese religion. Look at the details and happiness emitting from the Lucky God, Lu. Carved in detail, the sculpture is holding a scroll, and symbolizes success and fame. Notice how he is putting his hand through his beard, and the Master Carver has been able to catch the action in solid and genuine mammoth ivory.  The robes flow out as if with the wind, giving a more rounded appeal to each figurine. The Lucky God in the middle is Fu, considered to be the God of happiness and prosperity. Notice the delicate hand painted rust and black motifs with strong Oriental themes. Each of the Lucky Gods has been carved differently with different designs on the headdress and the robe.  Look at the Lucky God, Shou symbolizing Longevity. See how he holds a large peach, signifying long life.

On the bottom of each figurine, the hand painted motifs continues and is not left blank. The complete sculpture has been crafted with equal detail and finesse. Look how carefully the folds in the robe have been crafted as the Gods sit cross-legged. Notice that the edge of the robe has varied design on each of the robes of different figurines.  The motifs vary as well as the patterns. This shows significant amount of time was spent carving and hand painting each of the mammoth ivory Three Lucky Gods. Balanced on a teakwood platform for stability and better placement, the base complements the beauty of the ivory figurines.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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Measurements :
Each God is  Height 5.5 cm,/ 2.16 In, Width: 3.5 cm / 1.37 In .