Slightly bent man is smiling and carrying a large bamboo with numerous masks hanging on it. Look at the different facets of human feelings and facial expressions that can be seen carved on the tiny masks.
Some of the masks portray happiness, others seem angry or sad. Look at the bulky rope tied on the bamboo stick.
Close to the head, there is a gourd that has been tied while the woven baskets are hanging along with the masks.
Notice the hand painted patterns and designs that are on the traditional dress of the man.
The bamboo rod has been carved to perfection including the hollowed bamboo. The differently woven baskets are exceptionally done. There is another small gourd that is tied among the masks. See the traditional way of tying the hair and each hair is painted with care. The man holds a mask by the rope in his hands close to his sandaled feet. Each toe is visible. The complete sculpture has been carved in detail, with each aspect of the sculpture portraying details and visible. Look at the intricate details on the man’s dre4ss, delineated body and facial expressions that can be seen with ease.

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Item Size






9.52 3.75


10.16 4


5.08 2


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Measurements :
Height: 3.75, Width:4 , Length: 2 In