Look at this mammoth ivory sculpture of monkeys on tree. See how the mammoth ivory tusk piece has been carved in detail, giving the beautiful sculpture an amazing look. See how the Master Carver has carved the group of monkeys, sitting around on a tree. Look at the small monkeys holding the fruits while a larger monkey is peeping from amidst the leaves. Look at the alert faces, and the varied actions of the differently sized monkeys.

Carved monkeys on tree

Captured from real life, the Master Carver has managed to etch into solid mammoth ivory the monkeys on tree with considerable skill. Check the details on the mammoth ivory sculpture. The tiny hands, feet and facial expressions have been done with painstaking patience and skill, giving the complete sculpture an exquisite look. See the leaves, fruits and the way each monkey is holding it, giving a natural rustic look to the sculpture.

The fur of the monkeys on tree has been realistically carved, with each hair visible. The tufts of hair seem to curl in the wind and give a natural rough textured look to the monkeys. See the gnarled tree trunk and how the vines wind through it to the top. One of the monkeys is holding on to the vine while the thick cover of leaves form the canopy. The tree is laden with fresh fruits that the monkeys are keen to pluck and eat. See the dropped leaves, the curve of the tree trunk, indented lines that give a realistic look to the clamoring monkeys.  See the curling tails of the climbing monkeys as they sit in close proximity of each other.  Even at the bottom of the tree, the Master Carver has carved a lot of fruits.

Looking at it sideways, it can be seen that the complete monkeys on tree sculpture has been carved on one façade of the piece of mammoth ivory tusk. The thickness has rendered it enough working space that the Master Carver has carved into the thick ivory, rendering each monkey its own identity. It is set upon the wooden base.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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