This mammoth ivory sculpture of monkeys on rocks has been delicately carved on a piece of the mammoth tusk. Look at the pristine theme and the extremely well-articulated manner with which the three dimensional etching and carving has been done. There is a tree in the middle around which the monkeys are clambering around. Check the monkey on the top, sitting on its haunches with an open mouth and one hand on the back of another monkey. See how that other monkey is trying to clamber down with the rear feet firmly grasping the rocks and the front feet holding on to the branches of the trees. The whole group of monkeys are in action and the Master Carver has been able to define each individual monkey distinctly though different sizes and actions.

Mammoth ivory sculpture of monkeys on rocks

Although the complete sculpture has been carved on the outer part of the mammoth’s tusk, the raw appeal of the layers has not been diminished. Check the back of the sculpture. Notice the raw look and slightly brown hues and cracks that appear on the ivory. This is due to the extreme drying out inside the permafrost which led to the disintegration of the tusk into layers. While the brown imperfections are due to the soil minerals being absorbed by the ivory as it was buried under the permafrost. This is an authentication that it is genuine mammoth ivory. To add value to the sculpture of monkeys on rocks, the Master Carver has etched his sign on the edge of the ivory sculpture.

Look at the perfect symmetry, the curves of the monkeys’ bodies and the alert expression on their faces. To be able sculpt with such ingenuity takes years of practise and expertise. That is why this unique piece of carved mammoth ivory of monkeys on rocks is one of a kind collectible. It has its customized wooden base for stability.