A piece like this mammoth ivory carving is both extremely rare and absolutely perfect. Not only is it carved from mammoth ivory but the entire piece is carved in one tusk – which is truly exceptional.

An Unrivaled Work Of Art

There are no words to describe a masterpiece like this carving, but one does come to mind – unequaled. The master carver whose creation this is has embarked on a journey to create something spectacular. A carving that will ignite every sense and fill you with wonder just at the sight of it. Because his taken each element and perfected it.

Firstly, the carving itself is quite unique because of the scene it captures. The scene is that of a parade – and showcases the pride and dedication of the carver.

Each individual piece is expertly carved to give as much detail to the scene. From the objects the participants are carrying to the overall theme of the parade. Just glancing at the scene you can clearly identify what the participants are carrying, from instruments to ornaments. Also, you can see that they are the ones entertaining the crowd.

Secondly, the carver ensures you’re focusing on the smallest details by stripping the carving of any excess. He uses a natural stain to add depth to this mammoth ivory carving. Giving the carving and the scene an otherworldly appearance.

It doesn’t end there. Taking into consideration the size of this mammoth ivory carving – the carver still manages to highlight the most minute details. Giving great distinction between each individual carving – and allowing the viewer to transport themselves to the scene.

One-of-a-Kind Timeless Mammoth Ivory Carving

This is a carving that will withstand the test of time. Because it’s a carving that summarizes a modern day era. Which means that carvings like this one will only become more sought after in time. As they detail the effort and mindset of modern day master carvers.

By purchasing this masterpiece you are in fact purchasing a piece of ethically sourced history!




Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Length  125 49
Height 10 4

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 28 11
Width 11 4
Length 72 28


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