This amazingly carved fish in swamp sculpture on a large piece of mammoth ivory tusk is extremely precious. Look at the number of fishes and the intricate details that have been carved. See the perfectly precise shape and symmetry of the fishes that are carved in various sizes and actions. Notice how each scale is visible on every fish. The waves, froth and the water depiction are completely natural and done well by the Master Carver.

Carved fish in swamp sculpture

Some of the fish seem to be spewing water while the whiskers of the cat fish are unmistakably real. With big beady black eyes, twisting bodies that seem to be actively swimming through the swamp, some of the fish are facing right while the others are facing left. The fish in swamp sculpture is very detailed and intricately etched. Notice the open mouths, lotus leaves, and the thick stems of the lotus that run the whole length of the mammoth ivory sculpture.

One of the noticeable features of the fish in swamp sculpture is the varying shades of brown and white. That is because the pure mammoth ivory tusks absorbed the minerals present in the soil as it was buried for centuries under the permafrost. That lends it hues of brown which are brought to the limelight by carving into the layers on pure ivory. The core of the ivory tusk is still white and that can be seen while the outer layers are deeper hued than the inner carvings. This authenticates the mammoth ivory sculpture as original and legal ivory.

The large piece of mammoth ivory sculpture is set upon a solid and intricately carved wooden base which not just supports the ivory sculpture of fish in swamp but lends it elegance.