Buddha with children carved on a piece of Mammoth Ivory tusk has done intricately by the Master Carver.

Look at the clean cut lines, delicate curves and perfect finishing on the sculpture. The Buddha is sitting in the middle with the bare upper body and trademark potbelly and is seen laughing jovially while two boys have been carved on the sides intricately hand painted. The traditional oriental motifs and patterns can be seen with ease. The fine detailing on the open robe of the Buddha can be seen. The Master Carver has been able to etch the fine lines and the fall of the robes very intricately such that even the designs adhere to the folds of the dress.

Ivory Buddha With Children

The child on the top of the tree has a vintage leather water bottle and seems to be rolling the apricot close to Buddha’s head. The other boy on the right side of Buddha holds a piece of wood and is wearing a very detailed hand painted robe. Look, at the happy expressions on the face of the two boys and Buddha. This mammoth ivory tusk carving of Buddha with children has been done in three dimensional by the Master Carver. Look at the specific detailing with clean lines and curves.

The delineated lines give the complete sculpture a vivid look. Don’t miss the hand painting done in solid ivory by the artist. See the hand painted motifs, The Master Carver has been able to carve such a detailed carving on the facade of a broken piece of mammoth ivory tusk. Look at the back of the sculpture and it can be seen that only a few layers of ivory were used by the artist to carve such a phenomenal piece of work. The carving is set upon a teakwood base, giving it stability and continues the theme of the sculpture.

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Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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