The extensively carved large piece of mammoth ivory depicts a beautiful traditional village scene. With bustling activity of daily chores, the artist has carved each figure with great details. Look at the group of old men sitting around a table with a parchment sprawled all over the surface and another man holdsan earthen pot on it. See the creatively crafted figures with intricate details on their robes well accentuated with folds and facial details even though each of them is tiny in size. Below them, a man is bending over fish that has been caught while the man next to him fishes in the fast- flowing river. Look how he is holding the bamboo fishing rod, while sitting cross-legged on the rocky ledge. The artist has managed to capture the flow of fast flowing water including the froth with ease. While on another bridge over the stream, two men are crossing it to the other side, holding a scroll.

Notice the group of three men sitting on the top ledge holding a parchment with some writing done on it, while the looping vines and shady trees cover the other sides. The leaves, bushes and vines with each detail delicately carved. The winding path over to the top of the hill has been carved meandering through the ivory. Set upon a sturdy teakwood base, the mammoth tusk piece is complemented by the deep brown of the wood, giving it an elegant look.

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Item Size 




H Inc Stand H No Stand

21 14 8.27 5.51


45 17.72


7.5  2.95


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Measurements :
Height: 45, Width:21 , Length: 7.5 CM