Look at this amazing creative and innovative designed sculpture of a robe clad man holding a broad broom and has a monkey on his back. The fine detailing on his dress and robe is exotic and even the fragile border showcases a beautiful pattern. The complete robe has tiny yet detailed motifs and patterns with intricate details hand-painted in brown against the beautiful lustrous mammoth ivory. Each finer and toe is visible clearly as the man bends under the weight of the monkey on his back.

With one foot on the arched and kneeling on the bucket, the man looks calm. See how the artist has managed to carve a coiled rope around the broom. Though the rope holds the brush together with the broomstick, it is amazingly detailed. The bottom has natural cracks that have been accentuated and polished to make it a part of the sculpture, giving a rustic look.

See how delicately the artist has carved the flow of the apparel, the fall of the sleeves and the folds in the robe. The man looks happy with the money sitting on his back. Notice the carved monkey fur, looking realistic and soft. Even the small limbs are clearly carved to proportion. Set upon hand crafted teakwood base that has been carved specifically for this particular sculpture lends an air of elegance to it.

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Item Size 





10 3.94


11 4.33


3 1.18


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 5 1.97
Width 8.5 3.35
Length 4.5 1.77

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