This amazingly intricate mammoth ivory sculpture of three naked geishas, exemplifies the skill and talent of the Master Carver. Notice the supple and young geisha where one of them is sitting coyly while the other two are standing together. See the flow and cut of the sculpture. The curves and the straight lines that define the body are expertly etched to perfection. The extremely delicate and fine hand-painted flowers on the hip and shoulder give the geisha that feminine and ethereal look. Don’t miss the large flowers or the curly vines that have been hand-painted in such fine detail, on the buttock, hips, shoulder and breast.

Naked Japanese Geishas

Look at the pose and posture of the geishas that are standing. Although completely naked, the pose and the way they shield their intimate parts, suggests a coyness associate with diminutive Japanese geishas of the yore. The fine etching and hand painting add charm and allure to each figurine. The play of colors, milky whiteness of the ivory and exquisite motifs lends a rich look to the whole sculpture of three naked geishas.

Erotic geisha posing

The finely coiffured hair with the accessories looks not just beautiful, but show the time taken by the Master Carver to sculpt the mammoth ivory erotic sculpture in such details. Each hair and the partings in between can be seen with ease.  See the rolls of hair at the back with the traditional Japanese hair accessories holding up the complex hairstyles. Each body part has been carved properly even the toes. Notice the signature of the Master Carver that is etched and highlighted in red at the bottom of the foot of the geisha that is sitting down. Look at the pristine curve of the arms, hips, breasts and legs. The etching and delineated lines bring to the forefront the fluidity and exquisiteness of mammoth ivory.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.