This amazingly handcrafted Samurai with sword high in the air showcases the rich tradition of the Japanese culture. Notice the highly skilled and extremely detailed workmanship by the Master Craver. Each line flows with the seamless movement of the samurai’s actions. Notice the clean-cut etchings, the smooth finish and the high detail on the clothes and face of the figurine.

Samurai with sword

Notice the sense of fore-brooding and anticipated action as the samurai holds the sword high up in the air. Look at the size of the large sword in proportion of the human figure. This gives a glimpse into the strength and military capabilities of the Japanese samurai with sword. See the way the samurai sits ready to spring into action at the slightest movement. Protection, respect and complete focus can be seen on the face. The Master Carver has managed to carve the complete figurine of samurai with sword in pure mammoth ivory. Look at the hand protection gloves and the arms are covered with thick protective garments. Hand colored in varying shades of brown and green, the different textures which are etched in pure mammoth ivory are visible with ease.

See the unique helmet, which seems to depict the same style as that of the arm protection. Look at the white motif on the cap or helmet and the way it has been colored and shaped. Carving such intricate details in pure mammoth ivory is a huge task and showcases the painstaking skill of the Master Carver. The artist has not only carved intricate details with patience, but notice the different colors and flow of the garments. The flying robe gives an impression of the speed at which the Samurai moves. The signature of the artist authenticates the sculpture as original mammoth ivory. It is set in front on the wooden stand.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.