This gorgeous mammoth ivory masterpiece of a Samurai drawing his sword is a poetic and unrivaled piece. The precision with which this carving is brought to life is unlike any you’ve seen before.

A Blend Of Tradition and Modern Artwork

This mammoth ivory figurine is the lifelike interpretation of an ancient Japanese Samurai. It’s a realistic and accurate carving of Japanese history and tradition blending into a timeless piece.

There are several outstanding features in this mammoth ivory masterpiece. Most noteworthy of all is his intricate attire. Where every component is well executed. Making the carving appear appealing and realistic. Also, the artist is taking on the painstaking task of bringing the viewer into his world, into the Samurai’s world – into ancient Japan. Therefore the clothing of the Samurai plays an important role. The kimono, especially, showcases the skill and creativity of the carver. As the garment has a beautiful weave and pattern.

A Mammoth Ivory Masterpiece Preparing For Battle

Another very intriguing fact about this figurine is that this Samurai is clearly preparing for battle. His sword is already ready and his stance is that of a warrior preparing for attack. This is also visible through his facial feature that are frowning. As well as his posture and the way he glares at his opponent. The master carver also displays the fact that this Samurai is ready for attack by the way he draws his sword, showing himself to be a competent and highly proficient Samurai.

This Samurai mammoth ivory figurine is a piece of art worth owning. In fact, it’s an excellent depiction of the pre-modern Japanese era as well as modern art.