This layered piece has elements of both traditional Japanese carvings and modern mammoth ivory masterpiece’s. It draws the viewer into the piece by capturing features that are exotic, extraordinary and mundane. Allowing you to follow the story with greater accuracy and intrigue.

Marvelous Details on an Intriguing Mammoth Ivory Figurine

What is most noticeable about this mammoth ivory figurine is the minute details that are absolutely flawless. With a height of only 25cm the mammoth ivory master carver is able to perfect the rats as well as the vines and fruit. You can also see the fine details on the rats, like their claws, ears and even facial features. The fact that these are a highlight of the mammoth ivory figurine makes it truly exceptional.

Another absolutely remarkable attribute about this mammoth ivory masterpiece is the man’s traditional garments which are adorned with a floral patterns. Also, his attire is almost a near replica of Japanese traditional work gear. Although, that is the case there are many different characteristics of this mammoth ivory figurine the artist highlights. It is definitely a detailed piece, and one you’ll have the fortune of adding to your collection.

Mammoth Ivory Masterpiece Created With 100% Mammoth Ivory

What’s more is that all of our mammoth ivory figurines have a 100% pure mammoth ivory guarantee. This means you know you’re purchasing a quality piece that’ll appreciate in value when you decide to resell. Also, this is a piece you won’t see often as the scene it depicts is uncommon, and even so the story. Looking closely you will see this figurine tells a similar story to the Pied Piper – a popular English fable.