Look at this pristine set of geese carved in pure and legal mammoth ivory. See the goose and the gander with their goslings, perfectly crafted by Master Carver, putting to use the complete piece of ivory, sourced from the Arctic permafrost. The most amazing aspect of this mammoth ivory figurine of the set of geese is the way the feathers have been carved. Look at the gander on the right. Looking closely, each individual feather is carved individually and can be seen easily.

Life-like carving of geese

Looking life-like and natural, it shows the painstaking details Master Carver managed to sculpt on the set of geese. The perfectly shaped bill, the pristine curves and individually sculpted feathers in three dimensional render this awe-inspiring mammoth ivory sculpture one of its class. A perfect collectible, the set of geese can be seen nesting over large lotus leaves while the foliage below makes for the right place for goslings. Notice the tiny yet custom carved goslings a beautiful addition to the set of the goose.

The wooden stand has extended the utility and forms the basis of the sculpture. Look at the leaves that have been carved, the symbolic waves lapping around the lotus leaves and the delicate curls of fallen leaves in the water. It takes skill and experience to be able to carve antique mammoth ivory into such pristine works of art.  Notice the graceful neck of the goose on the left. Don’t miss the webbed feet, with intricate details that are clear and visible, showing the minute details that have not been overlooked by Master Carver. Look at the folded wings of the goose while the gander on the right has opened wings. Notice the beautiful and precise craving of the geese is amazingly done. The delicately carved wooden stand is sculpted to perfection and adds to the beauty of the mammoth ivory sculpture of geese.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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