A pure mammoth ivory masterpiece that needs no introduction. The scene that is magnificently on display in this wonderful mammoth ivory masterpiece is timeless. Also, it’s certainly memorable and unique.

An Exciting And Classic Scene

This beautiful mammoth ivory masterpiece is full of all the elements that make a masterpiece. The manner in which the figurine is carved, the focus on carving each element with precision and finesse is absolutely stunning. What’s more, the color detail and impressions are lifelike and the carving is an exemplary depiction of the artist’s talent. You can clearly see the fine features perfectly on display. This captures the attention of the viewer, who marvel’s at the piece and tries to understand it.

In addition this piece has so many working parts and elements it’s something valuable and worthwhile. The master carver does not spare any expense. Instead, he takes pride in making a truly characterful piece. From the garments and the scene to more minute subtleties. These subtleties like the hat the man is wearing give us more information about the scene. Like the fact that it is probably a hot day. Even the basket in which he carries his fish, elude to a man who is likely farming for his own needs.

This is a scene and a mammoth ivory figurine that can any viewer can admire and will become the a cornerstone piece in your collection. Undoubtedly, pieces like these aren’t often seen at auction houses because of their unique and highly detailed artwork.

Which makes this a mammoth ivory masterpiece worth owning!