Nowhere is impeccable quality more evident than in this perfect mammoth ivory figurine. Symbolism, art and distinctive elements are what make this figurine both unique and intriguing.

A Very Prestigious Mammoth Ivory Figurine

The master carver who carves this figurine takes his time to ensure every feature of the fishermen is prominent. Because he goes into such great detail the beauty and depth of the carving is highlighted perfectly.

Firstly, you can see the characteristics of each fisherman clearly. From their hair, facial features to the detail in their clothes. Indeed, the master carver pays special attention to ensuring every aspect and every detail is notable. which is what makes this mammoth ivory figurine outstanding.

By paying close attention to adding to texture to the carving, the carver is able to give more substance and meaning to the carving. Because of this detail you can determine the age of the fishermen, their level of skill, and even what great friends they are.

A Mammoth Ivory Figurine With A Deeper Meaning

But, more than that the master carver manages to make this mammoth ivory figurine tell a story of friendship. And that’s what makes this an acclaimed piece.

The story the carver is telling is a story of how your friends and those you love can add value to your life, and make the most ordinary moments very memorable. He showcases how lifelong friends are important to keeping the joy and youth in your life.

And more than that he showcases how having companions can make your life have more meaning.


It’s these deeper meanings that make mammoth ivory figurines like this one more worthwhile and more noteworthy in time. Giving you a great return on your investment.


If you haven’t already you need to add this mammoth ivory figurine to your collection today!