Genuine MAMMOTH IVORY FIGURINE portraying a Samurai with his bow, about to shoot an arrow. All delicate details are highlighted by the expert hand of the craftsman, including the intricately carved wooden stand. The Samurai figurine, with a bow and has the quiver containing three arrows. The quiver and arrows are also delicately carved each separate. He has a knife tucked in his belt and a sword hanging by the side. Marvel the beauty and determination reflected on his face as he prepares to shoot an arrow. Do not miss the folds of his tunic or even the spectacular hat. This handcrafted Mammoth Ivory figurine has been specially created to adorn your home or the home of your special loved ones. Mammoth Ivory is durable and strong, carved by the best carver who has signed the figurine, just for you.

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Measurements :
Height: 9, Width:9.5 , Length: 4.5 INCH