This distinctive mammoth ivory figurine of a man carrying goods is simply spectacular. The master carver who creates this piece ensures the figurine is both realistic and artistic. From the stain of the ivory that adorns his clothes to the ornate carvings of the goods his carrying this figurine is a true masterpiece.

Authentic Mammoth Ivory Figurine

When observing this mammoth ivory figurine closely you can see the immense detail that is on display. The master carver carves the design so accurately that he represent clothing and lifestyle in this era. Which gives this figurine historical significance and makes it worth every penny. The stain on the garment and the goods is also important as it reveals that this is a worker in ancient Asia. And is quite accurate in displaying the hard labor and conditions workers endured in this period.

However, because of all these intricate details that are 100% accurate this figurine is a showpiece. And will be one of your most beloved pieces in your collection.

Long Lasting Treasure In Mammoth Ivory

Mammoth ivory is the only ivory that you can trade legally. In addition, it’s a very rare ivory that is only found in Siberia and Alaska. And is an ethical alternative to elephant ivory. All of our mammoth ivory is 100% pure mammoth ivory which means you can trade it worldwide.

This is not the only reason mammoth ivory is extremely valuable. Because the species that produces this type of ivory is extinct the supply of this ivory is very limited – which increases it’s value significantly.

If you’re looking for an artifact you can trade in, profit from and keep in your family as an heirloom this is the piece to invest in!


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