This intricately carved sculpture of smiling Buddha or Ho Tai is one of the rare sculptures done with such detail. Sculpted from a piece of mammoth ivory tusk, look at the calm and composed look on the face of Buddha. Considered to holy symbol in the Orient, it is prominently displayed at home and offices. Look at the thin folds of the robe that fall in delicate folds which are etched with precision. Notice the symmetry in the whole carving. The depiction of bald head, the symmetrical precision of the carving, perfect folds of the dress are just of the painstaking details done by the Master Carver.

Mammoth Ivory Figurine – Smiling Buddha

The most unique aspect of the sculpture of smiling Buddha is that it has been carved from a part of the tusk chunk and the curves of the Buddha has been beautifully sculpted. Notice how Buddha stands on the large wooden pedestal which has the perfect curve.

See the milky white which has retained the natural colors without any hues of brown or grey due to the soil minerals that penetrate deep into the organic ivory. Notice the lines on the palm, the outline of toes on the upturned foot, the classic meditative pose, profiled with such intricate details by the Master Carver. The long ear lobes, closed almond shaped eyes and the serene expressions give the smiling Buddha sculpture a peaceful look. Look how he holds the Ru Yi (a symbol of authority) in his left hand. The tiny details are perfectly carved on that too.

Not just the front but the complete sculpture has been carved to perfection with the same level of precision and polish. Set upon a pure wood hand crafted stand, the allure and elegance pf the sculpture seems more profound.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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