This amazing MAMMOTH IVORY Figurine – The Great Samurai Master with His Bow and Shooting an Arrow. Just look at the high arched eyebrows, mustache and elaborate head gear. Behold the beauty of the delicate carved samurai, who seems to be armed with a bow and quiver of arrows, a sword hanging from his belt, while a knife is tucked in it. He is about to shoot an arrow with another three arrows in his small quiver at the back, tied with the belt. The Great Samurai is wearing a stiff armor and slippers, all carved in detail. This exquisite very detailed carved figurine of the Samurai comes with an equally carved high quality wooden stand. This genuine wood stands provides added beauty and balance to the mammoth ivory figurine.
The Height of this Piece including the amazing Wood Stand is 16.15 INCH.
Measurements :
Height: 12, Width:7.25 , Length: 4 CM