This mammoth Ivory figure of a Samurai Fighter has been handcrafted in detail. Look at the tiny hand painted garments, sculpted folds and clear emotions reflected on the face. Just look at the armor and shoes, with every detail clear. The minute detailing done on the arrows and quiver surpasses all. He is shown in full action, ready to strike. Tiny, delicate arrows carved from Mammoth Ivory are at his feet some broken but the skill of the sculptor can be seen completely.
Perfect to decorate in your home!
Makes a beautiful, memorable gift on special occasions- birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. A perfect heirloom quality collectable object for your family! An extremely beautiful figurine, handcrafted from genuine Mammoth Ivory, legal all over the world. Just the right artifact for your home or maybe, the perfect gift for your family.
 * Signed by the artist.

The Height  with the amazing wood stand is: 14.6 INCH

Measurements :
Height: 6, Width:11.5 , Length: 5 INCH