Accuracy in art is essential. And our brilliant master carver accomplishes exactly that in his latest masterpiece of an old man carrying firewood. This mammoth ivory figurine not only tells a story but it takes you on a journey into ancient Asia.

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Extremely Captivating Mammoth Ivory Figurine

What makes this artwork particularly captivating is the fact that the artist takes his time to capture every detail precisely. From the garment, the old man is wearing to the firewood he carries. You can see every single detail clearly, even at this size of the figurine.

What makes this figurine all the more special is the fact that the carver captures the texture, characteristics and even develops a scene around this figurine. Which is very uncommon and makes this figurine even more valuable.
This standalone piece is also quite desirable because of the minute details that are the carver captures perfectly. Take the facial features as an example – the carver manages to showcase the age of the figurine perfectly. And by adorning his garments with designs and patterns very common in the era he brings this figurine to life!

If you enjoy Ancient Asian culture, art and, history this is the figurine for you!

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