This beautifully carved mammoth ivory figurine of Three Lucky Gods of Fu, Lu and Shou symbolizes prosperity, Status and Longevity. Holding an important aspect in the traditional Chinese religion, these Lucky Gods are revered and respected even today. Look at the Master Carver’s skill and creativity on how delicately the three figurines have been carved. Notice the details and clear visibility of each intricate aspect of the sculptures.

On the right is Fu, signifying prosperity, bringing good fortune, prosperity and happiness to the people. In the middle is Lu, symbolizing status, fame and success. Notice the dress and the ornate cap that he wears. Out of all three Lucky God figurines, Fu has been carved in magnificent details on the robe.  Upturning the Lucky Gods figurines, it can be seen that each figurine has been painstakingly hand painted, with tiny motifs with strong Oriental style.  Notice the paisley designs, bamboo shoots motifs interspersing the robes.

The last but not the least, Lucky Gods, Shou signify Longevity and carry a peach. He is usually seen holding a staff. Look at the large peach held in his hand. Notice the long beard and the bald head. The smiling face and the hand painted eyes look real.

With varied color hues, the Master Carver has used a thin brush to delicately and accurately paint the designs, on the headdress and at the back. Notice the expertly carved facial features of each Lucky God along with the beard and the smiles. See the different headdresses and the hats worn by the Lucky Gods.  Each of them holds one of the requisite assets as per the significance. Set on a strong wooden base, the Oriental style and design is visible. The short platform has been carved for each Lucky God.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :
Each God is  Height 6 cm,/ 2.36 In, Width: 4cm / 1.57 In .