Look at this mammoth ivory figurine of Chinese God of Wealth holding a golden yuanbao. Notice the pragmatically placed spectacles, enlivening the traditional look with a more modern touch of style. See the well-fitted cap, the happy demur and the delicate accents of gold all over the figurine. Handcrafted by the Master Carver, it can be seen that extreme detailing has been painstakingly done. Notice the pristine clear lines, delineated body imagery and the two boys that are sculpted with him. The Chinese God of Wealth is sitting on his haunches while the robe falls over in delicate folds. Notice the split in the robe at the right knee, showing the undershirt.

Chinese God of Wealth

One of the boys is sitting in his lap, playing with a ball while resting on ingots and gold bars while the other one, holding a smaller yuanbao, looks over the God of Wealth’s shoulder. One of the most amazing aspects of the complete mammoth ivory sculpture is the fine detailing on the clothes of the boys and the God. Notice the tiny yet delicate patterns on the clothes and check out the motifs.  With a myriad of geometric patterns, floral panels and even bamboo shoots, dotted all over the dresses of the figurines. Look at the pile of coins, and yuanbao, apart from other symbols of wealth. All of them have been colored in gilt, giving the wealth the color of gold that it deserves. Nestled in the feet of the God of wealth, the priceless riches are a harbinger of prosperity and growth, where ever it is placed.

Notice the superior quality workmanship, high quality etching and hand painting while the complete sculpture has been carved from a single piece of mammoth ivory. The whole sculpture has been placed atop a custom designed and carved wooden stand, lending beauty to the lustrous piece.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory netsuke:

Centimeters      Inches      Height
19                          7.5

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