Look at this monkey man with a basket on his back. See how the man is holding the monkey by its arm while the woven basket is hung at the back. See how he holds the drum like basket by putting his other hand at the back. Notice the lattice work done in bamboo while the strength is given by the wooden stakes. Look how delicately the Master Carver has hand painted the basket and the rest of the dress using rustic brown, highlighting the intricacies of the figurine. Notice the traditional rustic sandals that are held by rope- like straps.

Monkey Man with A Basket

See how the Master Carver has managed to showcase each tiny detail with full clarity. Each detail including the fall of the dress, the motifs on the robe and the basket full of apricots are defined and delineated with clean cuts and etchings. Hand painted with brown, highlights the etchings done on the complete statue. Notice the small cloth tied around the hair knot on top of the man’s head while the   hand-woven drum like basket hangs close to it.

The beautiful yet tiny motifs on the robe are hand painted intricately with traditional Oriental designs. See how the man turns back and looks over his shoulder at the naughty monkey. The Master Carver has managed to sculpt the muscular arm, the flow of the robe and the knot in great detail, accentuating the beauty of pure mammoth ivory sculpture.  The beautiful and intrinsically carved mammoth ivory sculpture of the monkey man with a basket is set upon a beautiful hand-crafted table like stand. It adds value to the beauty of pure mammoth ivory while giving a pedestal to showcase the figurine.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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