. This High quality genuine MAMMOTH IVORY carving of the Mammoth Family is actually pretty. The mother and two Woolly mammoth calves seem to be happy playing around the mother mammoth. In the background, plants and birds are seen all carved out of milky white mammoth ivory. You can see the expert craftsmanship of the artist in the carved hair on the body of the Mammoth. You can easily make out how hairy the mammoth family is! The magnificent tusks and black beaded eyes on a milky white surface, has its own charm. The mammoth calf has one foot on a stone, while touching the mother with its small trunk and the other calf is touching the stone with its trunk. An extremely loving family sculpture carved out of genuine ivory. This Mammoth family sculpture comes with a very elaborately carved high quality genuine wooden stand, with floral carvings done intricately. The wooden hand carved stand offsets the milky white mammoth ivory carved figurine, lending a classy touch to the whole appearance. It is signed by the artist, only for you!
Measurements :
Height: 6, Width:4.5 , Length: 7 INCH