Carved out of genuine MAMMOTH IVORY FIGURINE of the Fisherman With his Catch. Look at the happiness reflected on the Fisherman’s face as he returns after his catch at sea. It is sheer talent that is reflected in the expert carver’s hand which makes this mute ivory statute seem to speak a thousand words. Notice the fine details of the hand holding the fishing rod and the clothes, detailed to perfection. Even his minuet catch of fishes are handcrafted, each done to the last speck. This handcrafted collector’s item is meant for you, a connoisseur of fine delicate art. You may add it to your valuable collection as an heirloom, which many more generations to come may enjoy and cherish. This valuable Mammoth Ivory Figurine is available with a strong wooden stand, handcrafted to enhance the beauty of the Ivory figurine and is signed by the Master Craver. Mammoth Ivory is completely legal and valuable, just right for you!

The Height of the piece including the stand: 25CM
Measurements :
Height: 18, Width:15 , Length: 12 Cm