Look at this beautiful sculpture of the God of Helpful with golden monkeys climbing over him. Notice the happy demure, active profile of the Divine figure. See the fur cap, the sheen of the robe and the well- padded traditional pants. The short robe is slightly above the knee, the long sleeves and the fall of the robe is  perfectly carved. Notice how a shoe is cut right above the toe-thumb and the Master Carver has managed to pick the right nuances of the mystical figurine. The pants are tied up at the knee, with ivory carved as cloth. Notice the facial features, bushy eyebrows and drooping mustache.

Monkeys climbing over God of Helpful

See the three monkeys are all in different positions climbing over the God of Helpful. See how the fur over the monkeys is carved delicately. The extreme detailing of the figurine is amazing and looks at the big fan with the various bamboo shafts. See the muscles of the hand, the perfect delineation of the lines that give a perfect physique to the divinity. Look at the hand-painting done over the pure mammoth ivory. The rustic robe and peasant shoes are artistically created.

Artistic excellence

See the folds of the dress, the bend of the arm and the way the fingers clasp as the figurine holds a bowl of apricots that one of the monkeys is interested in. The curve of the dress, placing of the foot is amazingly realistic. The depth of detailing shows the attention to detail on all aspects of the sculpture, including the monkeys. Notice the carved piece of wood that has been delicately and skillfully etched to create a rock like look over which the figurine is balanced. Carved with waves and spirals, the natural teak wood enhances the beauty of the legal mammoth ivory sculpture.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.