Behold the exquisite MAMMOTH  IVORY– Samurai figurine carved with care. Starting with an elaborate headgear and equally exotic armor, you can see the sheer expertise of the artist who has carved such an intricate, detailed figurine. Each sign on the lance, buttons on the armor, tunic are clearly visible. In his hands he holding his lance ready to attack
Look at his face, see the fine determined lines around his lips, the battle cry  and the glint in the eyes. The artist has been able to create a masterpiece, beyond doubt. A sturdy good quality wooden base magnifies the figurine beauty. An extremely beautiful figurine, handcrafted from genuine Mammoth Ivory, legal all over the world. Just the right artifact for your home or maybe, the perfect gift for your family.
* Signed by the artist.

The Height  with the amazing wood stand is: 12 INCH

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Measurements :
Height: 5.8, Width:8.8 , Length: 3.3 INCH