This magnificent artifact is truly remarkable. What makes this mammoth ivory figurine especially desirable is the accuracy and depth the carver uses. As well as the meaning behind this figurine.

A Mammoth Ivory Figurine With An Important Meaning

Symbolizing love, dedication and respect this mammoth ivory figurine is a beautiful piece to add to a growing collection. The master carver creates this piece with great precision and accuracy. Focusing much of his time on making the figurines lifelike and realistic. But instead of only focusing on perfecting the figurines he delves deep into creating a piece that’s extremely meaningful.

Looking at this mammoth ivory figurine you can clearly see the message of mutual respect and love. Because the master carver focuses on intertwining the generations in this particular scene. He showcases very obviously the love and admiration the son has for his father. Because in this scene the son has chosen to assist his father with the fishing. And although the father is worn because of years of fishing his face is full of delight because he has his son by his side. This is a classic depiction of the love a son has for his father and the pride a father has for his son.

A Classical Piece Made Perfect Through Precision

But, the meaning of this mammoth ivory figurine is not the only thing that makes it a worthwhile purchase. The fact that the master carver uses such great detail to create this scene is just as significant. From the clothing the father and son are wearing to the hair on their head, the master carver has painstakingly carved a very realistic and lifelike scene. For that reason alone this piece is a must-have in your collection.

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