Notice the intricate sculpture that has been so well delineated in solid mammoth ivory sourced from the extinct wooly mammoth tusks, but still retains the beauty and elegance.
See the delicate hand painting of flowers, geometric and floral patterns done over the boy’s shirt; stem of the lotus and its leaf as it covers the boy’s head.
See the enticing smile, which seems as if the artist has captured the joys of boyhood. Look at the huge fish over which the little boy sits, as if riding it in the waves.
Notice the dull green waves symbolic of the blue-green sea waves. The dainty hand painting has been done over the petite fish scales with the tiniest details clearly visible.
Look at the curving waves and details of the curls. It is a difficult task to create such curves in solid ivory without creating any cracks. 
Notice the fish’s tail, the toes and toenails on the boy’s feet and the beautiful crafted lotus leaf which looks authentic.


Looking carefully, this beautiful sculpture is highlighted by the delicate hand painting that is done over the sculpted mammoth ivory bringing out the luster of milky white ivory while the dull red and green adds snazzy details. Set on a wooden base that is custom made for the sculpture.

Item Size








10 3.93


4 1.57


Base Size



4 1.57
13 5.11
5.5 2.16

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Measurements :
Height: 16, Width:13 , Length: 5.5 Cm