Look at the big bear wading into the water to catch a fish. The master artist has managed to copy a real-life situation into mammoth ivory and managed to preserve the scene with realistic proportions. Notice the painstaking details with which the artist has carved the fur of the bear and the intent look on the face of the bear, as it concentrates on catching the fish. Notice that the fur of the bear is matted, as if wet and it is standing amidst the waves. See the head of the fish peeping out of the waves. The intrinsic, fluid lines have etched the solid ivory into delicate waves and frothy foam on top of the waves. The bending neck of the bear, open mouth and crouching position looks as if the bear is ready to pounce on the fish.


Notice the large paws of the bear, the nails are all out and even the teeth are clearly visible. The fish is emerging from the water but is still submerged, while the bear has been handcrafted in a ready to act position. Set upon an equally carved and polished teakwood base, it lends elegance to the ivory art piece. The back of the ivory sculpture is left as raw mammoth ivory tusk and the master artist sign is engraved in it.

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This Mammoth Ivory Figurine is including suitable wood stand – For Free

Measurements of the Wood Stand: W 18 Cm /  7 In , H: 5 CM / 2 In , L: 13 Cm/ 5.11 In
Height Including the Wood Stand:15 Cm/5.9 In

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Measurements :
Height: 15, Width:18 , Length: 13 CM