This beautiful sculpture of children playing is crafted in pure and legal mammoth ivory. Look at the perfectly carved children, especially the two boys masquerading as a dragon. Traditionally dressed and playing the Oriental instruments and make-believe games, it is a perfect scene of happy children playing games.

Sculpture of children playing on stage

Look at the young boy playing the drums, dressed in the traditional robe. Look at the tiny details that have been hand painted on it.  The other boy has a rope in his hands while the other one is playing the cymbals. Don’t miss the other boy on the right playing a horn. Each boy is doing a different action while they have been crafted with exact symmetry and proportions. Though small, but the intricate details on the boys are amazing, adding the right look and charm to the sculpture.

The best aspect of the sculpture are the two boys standing one over the other. The boy is sitting on the shoulders of the chubby boy and holds the dragon costume with a large face. See how the Master Carver has managed to give a different look to the dragon face. The flow of the cloth has been aptly portrayed by the artist. The cape behind the dragon mask is amazingly done. See each fold and flow of the fabric. Hand painted painstakingly, the complete scene, boys’ robes and the dragon mask with a cape looks amazingly real.

The set of children playing is set on a wooden base that seems to have been carved like a stage. See the slats and the motifs that have been painted in the front over the wood. It looks like the children playing the instruments and wearing the mask are putting up a show on stage.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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