This small yet beautifully sculpted legal mammoth tusk ivory showcases two cows sitting in serene

ambience and know that two parrots are contentedly sitting on their back. It looks as if the parrots are busy

picking off the backs of the cows while the cows seem to be enjoying it. The artist has delicately carved the faces

of the cows with stress on the facial expressions and the complete sculpture of parrots has been done intricately.

Look at the clearly visible individual feathers and the mouth and nose of the cows.

Clear cut lines, smooth curves and excellent finish make it an awesome sculpture. The complete piece of ivory has

been handcrafted in three- dimensional with the tusk diameter being used as base. Though small, the beautiful

carving exemplifies the skill and artistic abilities of the artist, giving the small chunk of mammoth tusk ivory a

beautiful look. The artist has carved delicate vines at the bottom which uses the cracks and breaks aesthetically.

The proof of legal mammoth ivory is clear with Schreger lines visible on the sculpture. The beautiful sculpture is set

upon a base of pure teakwood, complementing the luster of legal mammoth ivory.

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Measurements :
Height: 9, Width:8 , Length: 6 Cm