Buddha on swing chair is a unique take on a traditional subject. Crafted from legal and genuine mammoth ivory tusk piece, the Buddha figurine has been carved in detail as he lays with ease, relaxing on the swing chair. Look at the happy attitude, the carefree pose and the way he lounges on the chair. Notice the long beaded necklace, the fat belly and the half open robe. See the folded legs, the pot belly and the bare chested Buddha.

Detailed sculpture of Buddha on swing chair

Look at the finely etched swing chair. See how the mammoth ivory has been given an effect of the wooden slats. See the delicate etchings which have been hand painted to give it a grainy look. Notice the well-balanced legs that give it perfect balance and precision. Look at the fine detailing and quality sculpture, giving it the perfect look. The Master Carver has signed the sculpture in red, at the bottom. Notice the motifs and patterns that have been hand painted on the robe of Buddha on swing chair. His one hand is uplifted and behind his head, but see how the master carver has managed to delicately hand paint the eyes and the motifs on the robe, with intrinsic hues and shades. See the geometrical patterns, the flowers and the traditional designs found on Oriental dresses, each clear and symmetrical in design.

Carved on the curving tusk piece, the Master Carver has given the sculpture a beautiful look while utilizing the piece of ivory perfectly. The figurine of Buddha on swing chair is set upon a table like wooden stand, which was crafted specifically for setting this mammoth ivory carving on it. Look at the detailed stand, lending grace and beauty to Buddha on a swing chair figurine.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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