An ethereal and surreal piece of art. This is a magnificent mammoth ivory carving! Because the unique design and complex details are all brought to life in what can only be described as a masterpiece.

Mammoth Ivory Carving With Ancient Roman Influences

When you examine this mammoth ivory carving closely you can see how intricate and detailed the master carver makes the design. Instead of making the horses too detailed he focuses on specific features which make the horses appear ethereal. Although they’re strong horses, he makes them delicate by adding the wings, the ordained collar and ornamental saddle. This adds personality and depth to the mammoth ivory carving. Which in turn makes the carving look absolutely outstanding.

Because of the simplicity of the horses and the extravagance of their accessories it’s quite clear the carver takes inspiration from ancient Rome sculptures. What makes the Roman design quite evident, is the master carvers use of white stain for the mammoth ivory and the fact that his carvings are void of lifelike eyes.

This is common in European or Roman designs, where they combine human imagination with real life creatures and scenes. This is where the mystical and realistic would combine. And it’s what sets this piece apart from many other mammoth ivory carvings.

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