Look at the two men sculpted in mammoth ivory. Carrying the lucky symbols of Oriental mythology, one of the men on the left holds a turtle on his shoulder and a rabbit in his hand. Look at the smiling visages as both the cheerful men look happy and content. The other man on the right holds a small pig in his left hand and a large leaf over his shoulder.

Two Men Carved in Pure ivory

Carved in pure mammoth ivory, the sculpture of two men makes for the perfect decorative piece and is a rare sculpture. Notice the difference in the color of the ivory. The man on the right with a tuff of hair in the middle of his head is white colored, while the other sculpture of the man with a hair bun, has brown colored ivory. Look at the dash of brown on his belly while the left hand has traces of brown. This is due to the absorption of soil minerals when the pure mammoth ivory tusk lay within the Arctic permafrost. However, whether it is brown or white mammoth ivory, it is pure ivory and legal for worldwide shipping of two men.

The beautiful hue of brown has been used creatively by Master Carver on the first man gives the sculpture a beautiful shade and highlights the fall of the robe. Notice how delicately the facial features and the robes have bene carved by the Master Carver. The clean-cut lines, the perfect polish and the fine detailing showcases the skill of the artist. Don’t miss seeing the intricately done hand painting of traditional motifs and designs on the robe.

The figurine of two men is set upon a wooden base that is custom created for this specific sculpture.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory carving:


Wooden stand:


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