Mammoth ivory carving- Jurojin With Dragon & Child

This beautiful carving done on a complete piece of mammoth ivory is beautiful and intricately done. Signed by the artist, it is displaying the creative and skilled art of the master carver, and authenticating the genuine mammoth tusk ivory. Look at the delicate sculpting of the dragon with its each scale clearly handcrafted, as it is twirling over the foliage and verdant surroundings. Notice the extremely delicate whiskers that stand out of the sculpture and delicate translucent ivory is noticeable.

Look at the expression of the benevolent dragon as it looks over Jurojin  and has a happy look about it. Don’t miss his mane that seems to be wetted and then combed. The artist has hand painted the bamboo leafs , the highlighted brown shades of the dragon’s body and the robe of Jurojin. See the delicate crafted border on his robe, the clustering of the sleeve folds, raised hand with each finger clearly visible. Notice how the robe is tied at his waist and the fall of the robe at his feet with each motif hand painted with precision. See how he is  holding  his pipe. Set on custom carved wooden stand, it adds beauty to the ivory sculpture.

Item Size: Height 14 Cm/  5.511 In

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