Diligence, precision and beauty are all flawlessly exuded through this masterpiece mammoth ivory tusk. Not only is the scene an intense combination of power and grace but there’s also a tremendous amount of artistic prowess displayed in this piece.

An Ideal Mammoth Ivory Tusk For Any Collector

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or experienced collector this mammoth ivory tusk is sure to interest and fascinate you. Because both the mammoth ivory and the scene are beautifully on display in this piece. The master carver does this by carving the piece to emphasize the natural shape, sheen, and colors of the mammoth ivory. He then makes the falcon’s movements according to this structure. And chooses to have his wings fan out toward the top of the mammoth ivory tusk. Carving the tips of the wings into the edges of the tusk. Thereby using all of the tusk.

Because of the carver’s apt and delightful use of the mammoth ivory tusk, he carves the scene superbly. He does this by ensuring that falcon remains a focal point. Because of how intricately he carves the bird. Therefore showcasing his work sublimely.

But, a third element brings this entire scene together. And that’s the two shades of the ivory, and how they add contrast and depth to the piece. The darker shade makes the scene more intense and truly spotlights the falcon in action.

Making this the piece to purchase for any mammoth ivory tusk enthusiast.


Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 16.5 6.5

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 3.81 1.5
Width 8.9 3.5
Length 14 5.5

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