This pair of intricately carved Chinese guardian lions or Foo dogs as they are popularly known as; are carved by a Master Carver who specializes in sculpting delicate pure mammoth ivory figurines. Look at the subtle details, clearly demarcated lines and ferocious expression that have been delineated in the figurines. Notice the clean curves, tiny details and the effective hand carving that is exemplified in the mane and teeth of the Foo Dogs. The legal mammoth ivory is genuine and that can be seen with the Schreger lines or the crosshatch patterns on the haunches of the lions. This is what differentiates organic mammoth ivory from illegal elephant ivory.

Notice the upturned faces, glorious mane hair that has been perfectly carved and each hair is visible. The expert hand-sculpting is reflected in the fine detailing on both the Food Dogs. Considered to bring good luck and protection from negativity, these are superbly crafted organic mammoth ivory Foo Dogs.

Look at the back. There are hues of brown that intersperse the milky whiteness of legal mammoth ivory. This is due to the absorption of minerals as the tusks lay buried. This is a sign of pure and organic mammoth ivory. The traditionally crafted figurines are sculptured all over. Look at the tail and the spreading tail hair. The individual hair can be seen clearly and are in perfect synchrony on both the figures. They look like replicas despite being crafted separately. At the bottom of the figurines, the paws are intricately carved such that even the nails of the lions can be seen. The padded feline paws and inner haunches can be seen. It is an example of superior skills of the master carver.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Measurements :

Each Temple Lion Height 4.5 cm,/ 1.8 In, Width: 9 cm / 3.5 In . Length: 4 Cm / 1.6 I n