Look at this set of intricately carved dragons. The square cut of the mammoth ivory block gives a unique perspective on the set of dragons. These have been hand craved painstakingly by the Master Carver that specializes in crafting exquisite sculptures of immense value to art collectors.

Dragons carved in mammoth ivory

Notice the delicate cuts and etchings while each curve flows with the flexible body of the dragon. Look at the crannies and crooks of the dragon’s snake like body. The huge and ferocious claws of dragons stand out, giving the milky white mammoth ivory body the versatility, it deserves. Each scale on the body of the dragon stands out proportionate and symmetrical.  Given the oriental style of carving, the frothy waves lapping up around the dragons can be seen clearly. While the open mouth with fangs and the trailing whiskers cannot be missed. Look at the perfect yet tint eyes with the elaborate mane which gives a unique look to the mammoth ivory dragons.

Clean yet intricate carving

Notice the clean curves, tiny details and the effective hand carving that is exemplified in the mane and teeth of dragons. See the upturned faces, glorious mane hair that has been perfectly carved and each hair is visible. See how tiny holes can be seen on either side, giving it the perfect place to curl the whiskers while the mane hair seems to blowing in the wind. The eyes on top of the nostrils have been painted black, in perfect circles. See the tail and how it is intricately carved. Even though handcrafted, each of the two dragons piece, look absolutely identical. It takes skill and experience to craft these unique mammoth ivory sculptures of dragons.

Considering the authenticity of the mammoth ivory, the Schreger lines or the crosshatch patterns inherent to mammoth ivory is easily visible. Only genuine ivory is carved by the Master Carver and available at our website.

Mammoth ivory Carving Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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Measurements :

Each Temple Lion Height 11.5 cm,/ 4.5 In, Width: 9 cm / 3.5 In . Length: 4 Cm / 1.6 I n