This is a mammoth ivory tusk carving of Jurojin. As per Japanese folklore, Jurojin is considered to be the God of Longevity, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Though the origins of Jurojin are steeped in the Taoist beliefs, he is the Old Man of the South Pole. The Master Carver has managed to utilize all aspects of the piece of mammoth ivory tusk and managed to make a beautiful figurine. Notice the book or scroll that he holds in his hand. See how deftly the fingers have been carved and the way the sash has been hand painted. Notice the tiny yet clear and precise hand painted designs on the reddish brown sash. Look at the flow of the robe and how the paint has been removed to accentuate the flow of the sculpture and show that it is authentic mammoth ivory beneath that has been painted upon. Carved by one of the finest carvers of mammoth ivory, look at the symmetry and precision of the figurine.

See the beard that has highlights in the hair and has been hand-painted black while the Master Artist has managed to etch a few teeth as the figurine smiles. Notice the crown and how the delicate patterns are accentuated at the base. The flow of the garments, the tiny motifs and the beautiful luster of pure mammoth ivory is clearly visible.

Look at the back and how the tassels are attached to the hat with a crown above it. Typical Orient patterns and motifs are hand-painted in grey color over the dark brown. An under the robe dress is visible in pinkish brown which falls gracefully. Look how the artist has managed to portray the folds in it. The complete sculptures comes with its own individualized wooden stand which is hand crafted with great details.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 19 Cm/7.48 Inch, Width: 7 Cm/2.75 Inch, Length: 6 Cm/2.36 Inch