Look at this amazing mammoth ivory tusk piece carving of Guan Yin, the East Asian ‘Goddess of Mercy’ and is considered to be bodhisattva, who is associated with compassion. The master Carver has achieved perfect balance of the symmetry, style and balance of colors with this amazingly carved sculpture. Notice the almond shaped, half-closed eyes, the red dot on her forehead, symbolizing the third eye and the peaceful expression on her face.

Look at her jewelry and accessories. Notice the red colored jewels that seem to glitter like diamonds. See the extended line of jewelry as it covers her bust. See the ornate hairstyle that is covered by the draped cloth. See her dress and the amazingly detailed patterns and etchings. Notice the geometric motifs on the border, the delicate sprays on her dress and the accents that highlight the beauty of her robe. Different Oriental motifs and patterns dot the complete robe. Like in the front, at the back, the designs are clearly visible.

Carved with pure mammoth ivory, this beautiful statue of Guan Yin is not only breathtakingly beautiful but has been carved with intricate details. Look at the long ear lobes, just like Buddha is depicted, the folds on her neck, and drapes of the fabric, folds on her gown and the tiny hands and feet. Intricately crafted and delicately etched with hand painted motifs. She is standing upon a large lotus leaf which is floating above curling waves. Look at the highlights of green on the waves while the soothing green colored lotus leaf is bent at the right places. The complete figurine is set on a beautiful round teak wood stand. It has a round pedestal and the lower ring is carved delicately, adding charm to this sculpture of Guan Yin.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 27 Cm/10.62 Inch, Width: 7 Cm/2.75 Inch, Length: 6 Cm/2.36 Inch