This beautifully ornate mammoth ivory master netsuke is an eclectic piece to own. This particular carving of the wise monkeys is both astonishingly full of detail, however comprises of just as much meaning. Also, the modern take of an ancient Asian cultural phenomenon makes it a must have.

The Simplistically Abstract Detail Of This Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Our master carvers work skillfully to create artwork that defies time, and only becomes more popular as it ages. This is one of those pieces. Using inspiration from a popular proverbial principle, our master carver is able to create something entirely unique and equally breathtaking.
In fact, the detail in this piece is what makes it quite abstract. The master carver focuses primarily on creating the most awe-inspiring piece. But he takes a minimalist approach, instead highlighting the purity and intensity of his material – the exotic and rare mammoth ivory.

This simplistic approach which he combines with features rich in detail make this mammoth ivory master netsuke an exciting piece. Also, it’s obvious that the master carver pays specific attention on giving a modern take on the ancient proverbial principle. Instead, the master carver chooses to highlight four monkeys instead of the three known in monkeys. Leaving one to wonder what the fourth monkey is symbolic of.

However, it’s fascinating elements like this coupled with the superior quality of this mammoth ivory master netsuke that makes it supreme.

It’s time to add this particular piece to your collection, and invest in something timeless.


Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 7 2.75

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 2.54 1
Width 5.08 2
Length 8.9 3.5

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